One of a kind -- one at a time

One of a kind -- one at a time

Now is the time to get creative and make a one of a kind sign for your property.

by Mike Duernberger on 04/11/15

Many people are amazed when they see my samples and examples of signs that I have made for my customers. I often get asked "how did you do that"' or "I didn't know you did those types of signs". Sandblasted signs were very popular in the 80's because they offered a new unique look to otherwise plain Jane signs. When people began to see texture and depth in sandblasted signs they were hooked! Redwood and cedar wood started appearing as the mainstays of carved signs because they have unique wood grain patterns and distinct characteristics that made customers yearn for one of their own. Today we are seeing a resurgence of popularity in sandblasted signs. Many of our signs are hanging on businesses, cabins, homes, along driveways, in basement man caves, and bars and garages. If you have ever wanted a custom sign to reflect your interests and is the time,make your neighbors jealous when they see you have something they don't! Just make sure to send them our way  if they ask "where did you get that sign?"

Signs make great gifts!

by Mike Duernberger on 10/07/13

If you are looking for a unique gift for someone who is an outdoor enthusiast, or has a cabin or lake property, consider a carved cedar sign! Every year we make gift-giving easier for many people. Many people struggle with the ''what to get'' gift ideas during the holidays. A unique sign may fit the bill for that someone. Every sign can be personalized to fit the unique lifestyle and reflect their interests such as: hunting, fishing, nature, beach, sports, get the idea. These signs can be placed anywhere --garage, rec room, above a fireplace mantel, at the driveway, on the cabin. Part of the fun of personalizing is to come up with a name and theme. When you see the completed sign , you will want one for yourself!

Sandblasted Signs Take Time to Create

by Mike Duernberger on 10/01/13

We're often asked how long it takes to complete a sign, and if it can be completed quickly, say "next week"? Generally, it takes between two to six weeks to complete a sign, depending on the size, whether it's single or double sided, and if there's a painted scene.  This is a process, and not produced in quantities. "One of a kind, one at a time."   

Sandblasted Signs Making a Comeback!

by Mike Duernberger on 09/30/13

During the '70s and '80s, sandblasted redwood signs were in their heyday. Sandblasted signs are making a comeback because they're unique and customers are looking for something different.