Signs make great gifts! : One of a kind -- one at a time

Signs make great gifts!

by Mike Duernberger on 10/07/13

If you are looking for a unique gift for someone who is an outdoor enthusiast, or has a cabin or lake property, consider a carved cedar sign! Every year we make gift-giving easier for many people. Many people struggle with the ''what to get'' gift ideas during the holidays. A unique sign may fit the bill for that someone. Every sign can be personalized to fit the unique lifestyle and reflect their interests such as: hunting, fishing, nature, beach, sports, get the idea. These signs can be placed anywhere --garage, rec room, above a fireplace mantel, at the driveway, on the cabin. Part of the fun of personalizing is to come up with a name and theme. When you see the completed sign , you will want one for yourself!

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