Our carved signs are created by "sandblasting".  A sandblasted sign is a different type of sign that you may not be familiar with, or for that matter, did not know existed.  A custom sandblasted sign is made from a piece of wood substrate such as cedar, redwood, pine, etc., that is carved, or sandblasted, to reveal the grain patterns.  The lettering and graphics can be raised or recessed.  The result is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind sign that reflects intricate detail, craftsmanship, design and pride.  These signs are not run of the mill, computer runoffs.  These signs are designed, crafted, sandblasted, and painted all by hand.
       A blank piece of wood is cut to the size and shape selected.
A rubber mask is applied to the sign; this mask is the lettering, graphics or logo.  The mask sticks to the sign during the sandblasting process.
      Once all of the areas of the sign have the mask applied, the sign is then sandblasted with a sandblast machine.  High volumes of air and sand are directed at the sign, carving and etching the sign.  This is done by a skilled operator.
The mask resists the high pressure abrasive mix that is being applied, but the exposed areas leave behind beautiful grain patterns and depth.  Once blasting is complete, the mask is removed, and finishing and painting completes the sign.